The Audacious Life

The Audacious Life Lyrics Meanings
by Nimisha Sara Philip
ft. Shravan Sridhar


The Audacious Life Lyrics

A hungry tide rises
With beauty unsurpassed
Strength immeasurable
And grace unlike any other
Still she remains humble enough

She was more than just
The sum of every low tide
And every high tide

Can't part the sea
Can't reach the shore
She let her inner voice
Become the driving force

Audacious Girl
She can't feel a thing
All mournful petal storms are dancing
Inside the very private spring of her head

She's the flowers
But she's also the war horse
She's the beauty of day
But also the nights full
Of pain

There was a flower in her heart
It just needed more room to bloom
And when she let it free
She showed the world that
Sometimes the most beautiful things
Can grow in the darkest of places
Without the need of light

She could be heaven or hell
A strong man's dream
And a weak one's nightmare

Her mind is a garden
Her thoughts are like waves
She can grow flowers
Or She can come crashing down

She isn't an everyday women
So an everyday love
Would never do
She doesn't need companionship
She needs understanding
Someone who will look at her and
Really see her
For who she is
For what she's become

She put her body through its pace like a war horse
She has a colourful fire in her eyes
Yet a calmness of demeanor prevails
And a restless sense of harmony comes resonating from the heart

Such abundance of natural beauty
For in her the colour of fear and hope exist
In such magnitude they create admiration
For peace and war all at the same time

She keeps her heart flaming, courageous, restless
She feels in her heart all commotions and all contradictions
The colourful joys and sorrows of life
But she struggles to subdue them
To a rhythm superior to that of the mind
Her heart rules her
To the ascending rhythm of the Waves

She has the right
To every failure
She has the right
To every Victory

At the sound of trumpets you will hear
Her hoofs stomp the ground
That will vibrate through the earth
Of greater things to come

There is nobility in her eye
A regal serenity about her
Does she not personify, all that men try to be and
Never can be

Through the sleet, through the fire
Through the storm, through the snow
She just keeps going

She did not go where the path may lead
But instead where there is no path
To leave a trail

So someone told her
There's a girl out there
With love in her eyes
And undaunting courage in her being
And she was ready to let the world know she was her

And if this love is what you need then be willing
To travel to the ends of your limits to find it
Listen to her
For she has many truths to tell

Writer(s): Nimisha Philip
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

The Audacious Life Meanings

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