3rd Eye Richman Poorman (Act One) cover

Richman Poorman (Act One)
by (Feat. 3rd Eye)

Apr 3, 2015

Richman Poorman (Act One) Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
featuring 3rd Eye
Verse 2
Verse 3
Verse 4
I use to be a richman
Verse 5
(Now i'm poorman)
Verse 6
I use to be a poorman
Verse 7
(Now i'm rich)
Verse 8
Because when I was a richman
Verse 9
(I steped in the quick sand)
Verse 10
Now i'm a poorman
Verse 11
(Ain't that a bitch)
Verse 12
Verse 13
verse one: Nine 3rd Eye
Verse 14
Verse 15
Ayo what's up man
Verse 16
Strap on your vest
Verse 17
And meet me on the Grand Concourse
Verse 18
We about to set it off
Verse 19
Verse 20
yea who's the victim tonight
Verse 21
Is he black or is he white
Verse 22
Verse 23
Nine:You know I can give a fuck son
Verse 24
Green is what I like
Verse 25
Verse 26
[3rd Eye]
Verse 27
Verse 28
I'll meet you around midnight
Verse 29
I'm down to greed
Verse 30
Matter of fact i'm lacing up my boots right now
Verse 31
You know how we living and I ain't giving a fuck
Verse 32
I'm out of luck and if I got to buck somebody
Verse 33
Then what ever son
Verse 34
Verse 35
Verse 36
We in this shit together
Verse 37
Verse 38
We ain't got a pot to piss in
Verse 39
I'm sick of eating chicken
Verse 40
It's finger licking
Verse 41
We on a mission
Verse 42
Because my paradise ain't nice
Verse 43
My advice is lets pull a heist
Verse 44
My pockets ain't nice
Verse 45
I need green
Verse 46
Verse 47
[3rd Eye]
Verse 48
I'm tired of being stuck between a rock and a hard place
Verse 49
Now it's time for me to taste a piece of the pie
Verse 50
I ain't trying to die broke
Verse 51
You know what i'm saying nine
Verse 52
I'm goina go for mines even if it means I got to do crime
Verse 53
I'm goina find the way to get the kind of loot
Verse 54
I need to be all that I can be and then some
Verse 55
Verse 56
And do what it takes for me to be a richman
Verse 57
Verse 58
Verse 59
Verse 60
verse two:
Verse 61
Verse 62
I'm telling you right now don't move a muscle
Verse 63
Got my finger on the trigger
Verse 64
I'm mad upset
Verse 65
Don't make me have to smoke a nigga west
Verse 66
Hurry the fuck up pack the loot
Verse 67
One minute and counting and then we got to move to situation 22
Verse 68
Verse 69
[3rd Eye]
Verse 70
Yo bitch put that cash in the bag and make it fast
Verse 71
Get that finger off the button before I buck that ass
Verse 72
Grabed up the manager smacked him in the face open up the safe
Verse 73
(77779311 is the combination
Verse 74
Act like you know it's time to pay the black nation)
Verse 75
Now I got the loot time to jet
Verse 76
Anybody make a move and they getting wet
Verse 77
Step to the door headed for the get away
Verse 78
Now we on the high way richer than a motherfucker
Verse 79
Heading for the airport
Verse 80
Hope we don't get caught
Verse 81
Because we ain't going out like that
Verse 82
We one the road to riches and we ain't looking back black
Verse 83
Verse 84
chorus 2x
Verse 85
Verse 86
(Cop 1) (Cop 2)
Verse 87
Freeze motherfucker
Verse 88
Hands, hands, let me see hands
Verse 89
Get out of the car
Verse 90
Shut the fucking car off
Verse 91
Get out and eat some fucking dirt
Verse 92
Get on the fucking ground

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