Stop Lyrics Meanings
by Original Broadway Cast Of Mean Girls
ft. Grey Henson, Kate Rockwell


Stop Lyrics

Ironically, I need to scare you straight
Because this shouldn't be how we roll
We get these ideas and we just can wait
But there is a price

You want to do slash have it all
Because you have no impulse control
So before you snap, tag, like, or god forbid call
Here is my advice

When you send five texts
And you get none back
So you want to send a sixth one
You gotta stop

When you're failing math
'Cause you think it's more attractive
To guys if you're stupid

Do better and stop
I know it's hard but try
Don't instantly gratify
My god, girl he's just a guy
You really need to stop

You're gonna make a mess
And then who's going to get the mop?

This guy!

When you talk and you talk 'til you can't get calm
It keeps coming out like
Word vomit, stop!
Eat a cracker and stop

Cady, we all make bad choices, sometimes Damian, tell her about Phillip

Oh, at art camp, I played Lumiere
And the beast and I had a fling
I'd run my fingers through his hair
Well, beast so, fur

His second show was anything goes
And his co-star was some female thing
And when they kissed
Which by the way, gross
I wanted to murder her

But no one told me stop stalking him
And that pasty catholic girl
Who is playing Hope Harcourt
Of course, 'cause, basic, stop

Stop, stop, stop

I couldn't stop

Dude, you really need to stop

Stop, posting comments on YouTube
As four different people
That her de lovely was pitchy, stop

Stop, stop, stop

I really had to stop

He didn't stop

'Cause when you feel attacked
That's a feeling, not a fact
Don't jump online and react
You really need to stop

Picking at the emotional zit
That you can't pop

Four whole weeks
I trolled and dissed her
Then I found out
She was his sister, stop!
Hashtag obsessed, stop (stop)

And now he won't talk to me
And he won't accept my edible arrangements

Ladies, what have you learned from your worst ideas?

Oh stop when you think to yourself
Should I get a tattoo
Of the Chinese word for wisdom?
Check the spelling and stop!
It means bucket

Stop when you're babysitting kids
And you make them go to bed
So you can take their mom's Oxy
Stick to vodka and stop

Stop when you have a huge crush on a boy
And he asks you to send nude pics
And you're like wow, he likes me
So you send them
But don't crop your head off
'Cause you're only thirteen
And don't know any better
And I guess his friends shared them
'Cause now you're all over
A porn site called amateur tweens

Stop 'cause I'm actually a human being a not a prop

Think before posting

Sending, tattooing, stop

Good work ladies, let's take a break
A five, six, seven, sight


As right as it might seem
To overshare, troll or meme
That's just low self esteem
In your brain like a bull in a china shop

Stop, being glued to your phone
Couting followers and likes and ignoring your friends

She's leaving just like my dad

Stop, stop, stop we can't stop
Stop, stop, stop we can't stop
Stop, stop, stop
You really gotta stop

Honestly, everyone stop

Writer(s): Nell Benjamin
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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