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Rock Me Baby
Lyrics and Meaning

Apr 21, 2008

Rock Me Baby Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
You can rock me baby, ha
You can rock me all night long
Rock me baby, rock me baby, rock me babe, huh
You girl you can't rock me all night long, now oh now
Just keep on rockin' me little girl, girl
Honey 'till my back ain't got no bone, yeah, huh
Verse 2
Roll me, baby, ha
Roll me like a wagon wheel, now, huh
Keep on rollin', rollin', rollin' me baby
Just like they roll a wagon wheel, now oh my, oh my
Verse 3
Because when you thought you roll little girl, huh
Baby you just don't know how good you make me feel, now oh
Yeah, play the blues Steve
Verse 4
Oh, hey, have mercy
Too much soul, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't do it to me,huh
Verse 5
Don't do it, huh
Don't do it
Don't do
Don't do that, huh
Roll it baby, yeah
Verse 6
Keep on rocking me baby, he good rockin'
Baby rock me, rock me so,now
Keep on rockin' me, baby
Keep rocking me
Verse 7
Keep rocking me
Baby you know how to rock me so, now oh my, oh my
I want you to just keep om rocking me babe
Rock me babe, rock me
'Til I just can't take it no more, oh my
Verse 8
I want you to rock, rock, rock, rock me babe
Rock me babe, rock me babe, rock me babe
You don't know what I need
I want you to keep rocking me
Verse 9
You don't know what I want
I want you to keep rocking me
Everything I love
I want you to keep rocking
Give it, give it to me baby...

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