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Gotee's Groovin'
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Gotee's Groovin' Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Ain't nothing but a good thang,
that we got going here.
A little something different,
to get your attention, a brand new dimension.
To change your mind.
Three sisters, doing this in family.
Like family, only what the eye can see.
A lot of love in the eyes of the human being.
Open your heart to how things can be.
Verse 2
Chorus: Hey everybody come along,
'cause Gotee's groovin'
Set your mind at ease
And please keep the people movin'
Hey everybody come along,
'cause you know were groovin'
Set your mind at ease
'Cause we'll keep the people movin'
Verse 3
Doobi doobi doo hee yeah
Now that you know what we've came to do.
Just swing to this it'll make you groove.
Alll this time got something to proof.
Don't get left behind.
One day I'll fly away.
And the groove, and the move keeps on movin'
Raise your hands hold on tight
Just come along yeah
Verse 4
Rainy days your life's a haze.
No time to play at all
Relax your mind set your worries behind
Hear the call to the one who knows all
Verse 5
Chorus until fade

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