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by Outliers

Inspiration Lyrics

Why can't I write a song
The words don't seem to come along
I've got the music
But not the rhyme
I have ideas like my confidence
My loneliness
But this aint the time
Cause people only want to hear
About your success
And your happiness
No one wants to hear about
The sad and depressed

Sometimes I worry
About the outcome
Sometimes I worry about
Where I'm coming from

Let's get back to the happiness
I've got the voice
I've got the skills
So please don't interrupt me
As I've got the feels
To do everything
I can right
Cause let's be honest
This life isn't a real fight
It's chill
It's comfy
I'm so relatable
So dateable
So why the hell wouldn't I feel more lovable
Because its hard to be like that
To think you're all that
When you feel like crap
And most of the time you just want to sit on back
And take a nap for just a few days
And lay away those silly phases of this life
How it feels to just give up the fight
Against ourselves
Lets be honest we are all in it for the thrills
And then we get bored
When it doesn't feel real

Sometimes I worry
About the outcome
Sometimes I worry
About where I'm coming from

So sometimes I worry about the outcome
And how it's coming to me
Honestly i'm ridiculously good looking
And vain to the core
Got nothing I would die
And be back to return for
Got nothing to live for
Now wait
That's a little too depressive
Let me pull back and not be so expressive
Cause I don't want to make it look like
I'm not happy with the life I was given
I'm just learning on how to give
To the not so given so they can be
The ones who can feel like they're living
So don't you worry
About the outcome
Just keep on rolling
And lose yourself
To the right drum
That right beat
That little thing that
Can help move your feet
Help you defeat every single day
Keep you moving away from
The depressing music
That invades your sleep
Your sleep
Your sleep and now

Sometimes I worry
About the outcome
Sometimes I worry about
Where I'm coming from

Turns out I found my song
And a melody to go along
Kept my rhythm
And I found my rhyme
Question is will I
Worry about the outcome
Will I
Will I
Will I
Will I worry about the outcome

Writer(s): Colin Brown
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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