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OCD Lyrics Meanings
by Outliers

OCD Lyrics

One two five eight
My mind obliterate to the point
Where i can even count straight
O.C.D is my villain
And at times it makes me want to quit on living
I'm sorry I'm not trying to be a nuisance
I've had this since
I was just a kid
And I'm not kidding
When I say I tend to forget in the way I was made
The family I was gave
It's starting to hurt in my brain
Please guide me through the pain

Won't you stay for a while and hold my hand
And squeeze three times
To remind me I'm alive
My mind can be brutal
But it's all I've ever known in my life

You deserve to have a normal life
To be a normal wife
And not have to take on the burden of my life.
Cause I over play
Out say the manner in which I'm sitting
How could I be fitting
With all the scars that were self inflicted
By the knife in my hands
And the pills filled my belly
Leaving my head feeling a little fuzzy
Was he sweeping you away
Cause you finally realized
The burden of my brain
Is like an oncoming train
And I'm waiting on the tracks to be swept
By the pain in the rain as I'm calling out your name

Won't you stay for awhile and hold my hand
And squeeze three times
To remind me I'm alive
My mind can be brutal
But it's all I've ever known in my life

So i've introduced the villain to my story
O.C.D tends to get a little gory
Over thinking, misbelieving
Is what makes my heart start sinking
Insecurities aren't the only thing thats up with me
I can count them off like one two three
See I can count straight but I just hit a mental tree
I can multi task or stay on the same one for too long
Without setting some impossible goal
Thats unreachable, unreasonable
But I'll try until I pull my hair out
What happens when my hair gets scared to grow out
Too many thoughts up in my mind
Wearing and tearing
Now I'm fearing my lonely side
Here we go

Won't you hold my hand for a while
And squeeze three times to remind me i'm alive
My mind can be brutal
And its all I've ever know

So I just want to thank you for helping
And sharing my problems
I know it's a burden and hard to carry
Thank you for not giving up on me
And my O.C.D

Writer(s): Colin Brown
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
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