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Embers Fire
Lyrics and Meaning

Sep 7, 1998

Embers Fire Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
A fallen time that's bygone
A crude elite that's from a distant zone
You don't know if It's the truth you told
Verse 2
Anger looks on the quiet dreaming
Seals the sense incandescent ones
Verse 3
Hold back desire for danger
A bet you lose, you'll have no way to turn
I see the man who lives and breathes corruption
Into a circle that you call you own
Verse 4
Don't run away, from the pain,
A claim that you deal with
A power game, from within,
Impossible for you to see this
Verse 5
Laid down the laws of deceit
The ones who cherish are the ones who'll go
Into the ashes of a tortured world
Only in mind's eye can you see a light
Verse 6
Harmony break, dark awakes, in old eyes
The trouble, feel it
Here to stay, mark the way,
Improvise the judgment hearing
Verse 7
Anger looks on the quiet dreaming
Seals the scenes incandescent ones
All remains of the glowing embers
is a bleak cold irrelevance

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