Paradise Lost Hallowed Land cover

Hallowed Land
by Paradise Lost
Lyrics and Meaning

Sep 7, 1998

Hallowed Land Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
You'd love to be so far away
It's not a long way to go, it's gonna end in your pain
Greet open handed stranger
Create the turmoil, you're not sane
I want the last one to go to embers will revive,
So stay
Verse 2
You want to live a life time each and every day
Verse 3
You've struggled before, I swear to do it again
You've told it before till I, until I'm weakened and sore
Verse 4
Seek hallowed land
Verse 5
You'd love to see right through my veins
The pale reflection tells all, predominations sustain
Crawl over land or mountain in
sight the ultimate escape
A silhouette subsiding, enticed unable to relate
Verse 6
You want to live a lifetime each and every day
Verse 7
You've beckoned before, you'll never do it again
You've prayed before who are the prayers for
Verse 8
Begone the fools that lead me - I need not to know
Accept reclining spirit I need to endure
You try to live a lifetime each and every day
In this short time of promise, you're a memory.

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