Paul Maged 64th & 1st cover

64th & 1st
by Paul Maged
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64th & 1st Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
When I was young I believed in God and Santa Claus
I thought wrestling was real, well isn't it?
I didn't over think, but I over wished
Verse 2
When I was young I still wanted you around
When I was young my shoulders were strong and free of chips
And I'd make the trip
When I needed a place to go
Verse 3
What have we lost?
And at what cost?
Do you regret your dragon tattoo?
Verse 4
Why did I have to make a decision?
Maybe I wanted to hold you, forever
Verse 5
When I was young I'd lose all concept of time
I thought death wasn't real, well now I know
All the outside noise can't keep lonliness away
Verse 6
When I was young there was fire in the eyes
When I was young I'd build a castle in the snow
And I'd watch it grow
When I needed a place to go
Verse 7
When I was young
When I was young

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