Paul Robeson, Earl Robinson Passing By cover

Passing By
by & Earl Robinson

Passing By Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Keep on a-naggin',
'n bullyraggin',
'n criticizin',
'n call me pizen,
Ah ain't apologizin', no siree!
No matter what you say,
Ah still suits me.
De rag you're chewin'
Mus' be a ruin,
Keep right on knockin',
Keep right on mockin',
Mah rockin' chair ain't rockin',
No sire!
No matter what you say,
Ah still suits me.
Verse 2
Does you ever wash the dishes?
Does you do the things I wishes?
Does you do dem?
No, you don't!
Will you do dem?
No, you won't!
When dere's any workin' to it
I'm de one dat's gotta do it!
When it's rainin' who's the feller
Uses up the whole umbreller?
Selfish as a man can be!

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