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High Time
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High Time Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Baby learns to crawl
Watching daddy's skin
Learns to fall
Get up again
Verse 2
Baby learns to cry
Watching mama's smile
In the mirror
Can you hear her
Verse 3
Baby learns to swear
With your hair
Learns to love
Watching t.v
Verse 4
Baby learns to cope with
What she sees
In the mirror
Don't go near her (nearer?)
Verse 5
Baby learns to hide
Down on your knees
Learns to pray when
Somebody sneezes
Baby don't you say you love me
In the mirror
Verse 6
One last crushing blow
A final crashing bore
And it's always time to go
As you're inching to the door
(let's go)
Verse 7
Baby learns to live
Watching daddy's life
Baby learns to give
Everything away
Verse 8
Baby learns to cry
It's alright
In the mirror
Baby learn to crawl
Verse 9
Watching daddy's skin
Baby learns to crawl
Watching daddy's skin

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