Peaches, O'Dell, Erica Foxx Pony Ride cover

Pony Ride
by Peaches, & Erica Foxx

Pony Ride Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
featuring Erika Foxx Peaches O'Dell
Verse 2
Verse 3
(verse 1 Mercedes)
Verse 4
baby light a candle
Verse 5
i want to get you in the mood
Verse 6
slip you into my bedroom
Verse 7
and show you the freaky things that i can do
Verse 8
i'ma gonna take you places
Verse 9
so let your body just receive
Verse 10
hope your feeling my emotions baby
Verse 11
you got me in ecstacy
Verse 12
Verse 13
(verse 2 O'Dell)
Verse 14
alright alright alright
Verse 15
explore your every avenue
Verse 16
i'll show you everything i can do
Verse 17
girl let me take yo everywhere
Verse 18
places that you wonder
Verse 19
on and on and on all night
Verse 20
i'll touch you tease you
Verse 21
please don't bite
Verse 22
you know you want what soldiers do
Verse 23
so let me show it to you
Verse 24
Verse 25
(hook Erika, Peaches and Mercedes)
Verse 26
let me take you on a pony ride
Verse 27
just get inside
Verse 28
while i'm nice and high
Verse 29
ohhh my loven goes on and on and on and on and on
Verse 30
Verse 31
Verse 32
(verse 3-Peaches)
Verse 33
come and lay your body down
Verse 34
right here next to me
Verse 35
the temperature is rising
Verse 36
i know you can feel the heat
Verse 37
see i know, i know, i know, i know
Verse 38
you've had a long night
Verse 39
but i promise when i give you my love
Verse 40
everything will be alright
Verse 41
Verse 42
(verse 4-Erika Foxx)
Verse 43
let me take you away
Verse 44
to place unlike you've ever known
Verse 45
i'll give you love from me
Verse 46
cause now you are at home
Verse 47
let me get you close to me
Verse 48
i'll give you what you need
Verse 49
tonites the night sweet baby
Verse 50
so get right into me
Verse 51
Verse 52
Verse 53
Verse 54
Verse 55
Verse 56
hook till fade

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