Pestilence Bacterial Surgery cover

Bacterial Surgery
by Pestilence

Aug 1, 2006

Bacterial Surgery Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Gathered and driven under their command
They lived in fear for their judgement
Penal servitude, pitiless manhandle
All taken under medical treatment
Verse 2
Forced to take the depurative hypodermic syringe
Prison of experience, the testing laboratory
Experimental undertaking among those who suffered
They didn't shrink back from insanity
Verse 3
Encaged with fear, the prospective death
Pernicious times, malicious inclination
Enslaved minds penetrated with aversion
They were proned to insistant domination
Verse 4
Eradicate and waste lives for knowledge
For the occurrence has remained reality
Progressive development cannot be restrained
No sympathy, the animosity
Verse 5
Bacterial surgery
Terrible science, their destiny
Weakening, unconsciousness
In response to insanity
Verse 6
Bacterial surgery
Experience mortality
Purposeful endeavour
Inventions tendency
Verse 7
Use what lives for humanity
The eagerness, resolution
Living for the results
Calculation of the expectation
Verse 8
Flood-light the indefensible creatures
Blinded in their eyes
Medicines too frightened to look at
Instead of improving knowledge he dies
Verse 9
We all have the right to live
Don't abuse it and take it away
Verse 10
Important conscious jobbery
Acting irresponsible
Scientific desires, medical crime
Symptoms of bacteriology

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