Peter Andre Behind Closed Doors cover

Behind Closed Doors
by Peter Andre

Sep 14, 2009

Behind Closed Doors Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I'm gonna leave ya now
I'm heading out the door
I've taken all I can
I can't take anymore
Verse 2
Cause even the smell of you
Makes me wanna cry
They say I'm too good for you
An we all know why
Verse 3
No doubt your on the wine
Your getting pissed all the time
How did I end up with a girl like you
Thought that I would be the man
To get you to put down the can
But I've been wasted, with a girl like you
Verse 4
Ooh she's a pisshead girl
Gotta get rid of her
Ooh just a pisshead girl
Getting bladdered all the time, all the time
Verse 5
Gonna go solo now
I'm hoping for a hit
Taking a massive chance
That it won't be shit
Cause I know that you'll move on
With another bloke
You'll probably tell all the mags that peter andre is a joke
Verse 6
Girl you know we're really through
There's nothing more that I can do
I need to be with a woman not like you
Next time I will take my time
Make sure she is really fine
Get me a real girl, not a fake like you
Verse 7
So now your sitting by the phone
Hoping I'd call
But you've got more chance of lotto winfall
Girl you pissed me off and now I'm taking it all
Your horses and your cash gonna leave you fuck all
Might leave you the fridge for your lager and wine
Anything to keep you from calling all the time
I'll see you in the papers with your new guy on show
Man how can one woman stoop so low

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