Angel's Story

Angel's Story Lyrics Meanings
by Phil Franks
ft. Nicole Ivy


Angel's Story Lyrics

Let me tell you a story about baby, she mean
No hesitation, I'll paint it, you'll see
She from the A, was afraid of her dreams
Was born on the west, but raised on the east
It was so hard, everyday a new thing
To call her resilient is saying the least
Life's what you make it-so take it from me
As soon I'm finished then maybe you'll see

Okay Her mama raised her alone
Her dad was in prison-the day he come home was so distant
She looking for guidance-her mama was busy
No time for her friends-she was stuck babysitting
No hoping no dreams-She grown in her teens
One bro, one sis, the oldest of 3
No bread, no space-So she got no food, and nowhere to eat... damn

Every night she praying
Cuz she aiming to change it
No heat in the winter-she gave up her blanket
But she kill it at school-Not really worried bout tryna be cool
She got there on time, she watched for the jewels
She sat in the front, She followed the rules

And then She got a job, and was there alright, long nights, all night, even on her off nights
And her boyfriend asked her--but she was working on prom night

And the summer is soon
Thinking about colleges somewhat confused
But more then applications under review
Could not leave her fam-didn't know what to do but still...

She found a way, through the tears and pain-through the tears and pain

Her hardest decision, man she finding out
Still somewhat confused, but the time was now
Left for Miami, she had to move out, now-it seemed like a million miles
Now she wildin out, because she breaking down
Because she afraid and she missing her fam
She was uncomfortable, skipping exams-was impossible to stick to the plan

Meanwhile lil bro was at home on the block
He took after pops--start selling rocks
Was Truly on top, he knew all the spots
Stunt for the girls, and hid from the cops
Running the streets, he was killin the ops
All good until his lil homie got robbed
He wanted revenge, to get back on top
So then he pulled up but then he got shot

She left school to go see him... went straight to the hospital

The doc said: Excuse Ms. Smith, I don't know how to say this
Cuz when I think about it, it really don't make sense
See we thought we could save him from the bullet, but see the way it hit
Well... I'm afraid he won't make it

Her mom was in tears cuz her baby was dead
She said give me my son lord to take me instead
They stood there in pain-it was hard to accept
Cut from the inside-they basically bled
The funeral came, while they thought of his life
Something came up from shorty inside
She reminisced, and she wiped off her eyes
Kissed her mom on the cheek to tell her goodbye
See her lil brother wouldn't want her to cry
She went back to school, she got back on her grind
She racked up her grades until she graduated
Then walked cross the stage got a standing ovay
Then she looked at her options, start using her noggin
Put down a deposit to start a non-profit
Soon living her truth to look out for the youth
She moved back home for good, she back to the hood and she won

She gave back the hood and she won

Preciate you Angel

Writer(s): Philip Franks
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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