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Lady Inspiration Lyrics

(Hi! You've reached the right number, but at the wrong time
I'm busy right now so, leave a message and I might call you back!)

Lady Inspiration
Doesn't always pick up
Type of woman that you chase down
But can't keep up with
No, not your usual chick
Sweetie out of your league
You managed to get with
Is how you feel now
Last time y'all were together
All you could do was smile
Now only frowns
'Cause all you got is a collection of wasted pronouns
On your mobile
Her switch up scared ya like your fear of clowns
Your ego statin', "Fuck it I'm a king
So Imma wear a crown" while your heart's
"What do we do now?" she was dime
And once upon a time
She called you
"Boy I love you
So glad I met you
I'd like to BF you" next thing you
Know is you back in your US home
But she doesn't fuck with you no more (Nope!)

Expectations are the root of all heartache
(She doesn't fuck with you no more)
She left for the other guy now he's on tour
(She doesn't fuck with you no more)
And I just don't understand
How it all suddenly changed
You used to feel so close to me
But now you're far away

It's the
Pronounced just like
Please, try to get it right
On my way
To San José
After 3 days
Passed in the studio
With Santa Clause
That's St. Nicholas
The one and only - Nick Roa
Working on presents for y'all
Night after night
And dawn after dawn
'Cause what's the point of sleep
If you already dream?
While you catch z's
I turn my visions
In two realities
The one thing we are tired about is
Not being able to breathe
'Cause of uni
Just wanna make music
No need for muses
'Cause your goal only happens
If you do it, so
Imma do me and you do you
When you feel like doing me
You can do that too
But if you don't
I won't be chasing for you
Only when we're two suns
We can both be full

Expectations the root of heartache
Expectations the root of all pain
Looked like we'd be different
But I found it's the same
And I just don't understand
How it all suddenly changed
You used to feel so close to me
But now you're far away
Once again
Now you're far away
Once again
Once again

(Hello? Hello? Finally, you get it! I'm not into average dudes
The ones that lack consistency, like you
You gotta do something about Connie
Who's Connie?
You don't know Connie? The con-artist?
He's what you call, Procrastination
He holds you and you don't even know
I'm sure you'll meet him real soon...)

Writer(s): Leonardo Picchi
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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