Piz N' Riz, Black Silver The Navigator Intro cover

by Piz N' Riz & Black Silver The Navigator
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Verse 1
So what do you think doctor? was i....
I didn't mean to.
Scientific detachment. ha!
Professional ethics
Verse 2
I'm not just a doctor, I am a man
Doctor I didn't mean to!
I have desires. I have needs
I know you have needs and I know that you have desires
Verse 3
You know it gets bigger and bigger inside of me until it's...i feel it...it
Explodes and I sprayed myself all over the wall
I think I have a way to cure you
I like it when you get bigger and bigger but I don't want you to explode all
Verse 4
Over the wall
Now doctor you just lie down...it's time you let me take care of you
... medicine what I need
Ohh... mmmm I wish I had a doctor like you...so gentle
Verse 5
Oh, you like that?
Fuck my pussy doctor!

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