Asked the Reaper cover
Asked the Reaper cover

Asked the Reaper Lyrics Meanings
by Platzus

Asked the Reaper Lyrics

Asked the reaper if he can give me death
He told me that my time is not up yet
That I wish I could receive the text
I don't see this shit through man what is next?
Doing this for long man I don't know what I am doing here
Guess the vision just isn't somewhat clear
That crazy girl that made him impaired
How can I solve this shit with a single prayer?
The kid is in his room depressed & ripping his hair
He's asking the higher up on why life isn't fair
And also asking why the fuck the ones he loves turn to squares
Now you know it nothing but tension in the air
Reminiscing on what life was like
Before darkness had overcame the light
What are you gonna do with your life?
What are you gonna do with life?

Asked the reaper
Can you take me away?
Far away
Asked the reaper
Can you take me away?
Away from pain

She's the coldest Capricorn
She so cold that I adore it
She's knows that I'm hurt and torn
Why don't you come be here for me
I was there just to protect you
Fucked 2 hoes just to forget you
Used me don't know why I let you
Wished I died before I met you
Found out that depression real
Leaving me made my thoughts reel
Breaking down like thin heels
How the fuck am I gone heal?
Wish my heart was made of steel
My innocence why you steal it?
Saltier than kosher dills
I don't know how I'ma deal
With the fuckin' situation
Thought you was gone ride for me after doin' Platication
Shawty I'm so mad you played me
Like a fucking PlayStation
Man I swear I'm suffocatin'
Cause you always violatin' JP
Got me lyin' to my Momma saying you my baby
But Momma knows you haven't been at the house lately
Looking at the mirror have you seen yourself lately
You lying to yourself I swear this shit is too crazy

Asked the reaper
Can you take me away?
Far away
Asked the reaper
Can you take me away?
Away from pain

Asked the reaper
Can away
Away from pain

Hi, I love Platzus
Platzus Platzus Platzus
JV shut the fuck up
I'm just playin'
I love you

Writer(s): Platzus
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Asked the Reaper Meanings

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