It's All for Hip-Hop

It's All for Hip-Hop Lyrics Meanings
by Prophet


It's All for Hip-Hop Lyrics

If you invite me in your house
I need a glass of water
You can keep guessing what this guest about
But imma need better offer
Imma take off my shoes and kick you to the curb
Some fuckin' nerve, if you ain't even disturbed
You don't get to keep a house if you don't make it a home
Make it your own, I'm the chief in my city like Mahomes
I don't say shit else, I just talk to the mic
You can have your taste but what the fuck do you like?
I should burn off your tongue for the shit that you play
I'm just praying that hip-hop can see better days
If you invite me in your house
I need a glass of water
You can keep guessing what this guest about
But imma need bet-
Wait, nah you know I'm done holding my tongue on what's been going on in hip-hop
I'm going in

Put the rap game on a crutch, I don't trust
Anybody who was never in touch
With the essence of hip-hop
I'm a student at best
I am a shark in the water I am never at rest
Tip-top (ay) that's the kinda shape I'm in
Putting the pen to the paper kinda state I'm in
Imma wax you on wax, don't you ever forget it
Remember the name if you ever want more of it
Y'all share the same pen like the dumb kid in class
And I ain't kidding, you should really sit down, you won't last
Another month in this game
And I ain't pressed cuz my shit isn't lame
When I master the art of the 16
You'll see my face plastered on parts of a big screen
Bitch I came out of nowhere, there is no reverse
Knock out any rapper, this is my rebirth

Motherfucker, I'm back in this bitch
Playing poker on my shoulder so I'm stacking these chips
Eating guac on the border so I'm packing this dip
Actually stick, to the plan, after me hip
Hop won't be the same, so can you answer me this?
(Man I just got a couple questions, yeah yeah yeah, have a seat, it's cool, relax)
Harriet Tubman in my mind, she is freeing my thoughts
Cuz when I'm feeling enslaved the only thing that I've got
Is the music, Migos got me piped up
But Kanye I can use it
The power in that beat's running through my veins
But the shit I hear today ain't a channel for pain
And that's the main reason I wanna kill these fools
They're just a tool of the industry, why so cruel?
Fuck the class, imma take you to school
Don't fuck my mood, I'll make sure you eat a noose
Step up like Moose and make you dance to the beat
This is a different heat, my Southpaw is a different Creed
(Come on) I didn't sell my soul for a plaque of gold
No way they killed the hip-hop of old
I miss the days when hip-hop was real
Imma bring it back, that's how I feel

If you ain't gonna spit bars what the fuck is you here for?
Shit ain't a joke, it's a real dedicated art form
Black culture, Black architecture, Black fashion
Black literature, Black art, Black cinema, Black music
Black education, Black everything, Black everything!
Black culture to me is the highest form of expression
So even though I'm a guest in the house of hip-hop
I see it as my personal responsibility, my professional responsibility
To contribute to the highest level possible
To push the culture forward in whatever way I can
It's not a game, it's not a hobby, and it's not just for fun
This is for real, it's dedication and discipline
So take it seriously, or get the fuck outta here
It's all for hip-hop
Imma defend it with my last breath
That's why I'm here

Writer(s): Shagun Sharma
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

It's All for Hip-Hop Meanings

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