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DOOM! Lyrics

I'm a bad dream, poor, sad thing. Silence is maddening
I can't even explain why any of this is happening
Managing my life has become a mountainous task
Is a millisecond of peace too much to fucking ask?
I'm waging war, on my own skull, I'm unpredictable
This face, despicable, I feel invisible
Doctor told my mama "never seen a thing like it!"
bouta pull up to the party, bowl of punch, I'm gonna spike it
Motherfucker, start prayin
Cuz when I pull up I start sprayin
stackin bodies up, 1000 corpses high, they touch the ceiling
I'm in league with Dr. Satan
Generational fixation with death
I be the last thing you see fore you take your final breath
I'm out the trunk, I'm gonna blast ya, no more threats
I swear that this the very last time that you get inside my head

Scum fuck, bad luck, sad times, good drugs!

BFG in the back pocket
Bouta slide on through with a big rocket
Homie got a problem, I bet I solve it
Menacing hoodlum I go for your wallet
Ay, ay, out my way
I don't think I'll be ok
Endless creeping, I'm deep thinking
All my flaws stay on display
Sordid, sick fuck I dream of genocide
Pullin a gun, I'm acting dumb, take no more shit, make you beg for your life
Turn a blind eye, gettin sky high, ain't no will to try
Let the bodies burn, bet your ass them bullets fly
Excite my nervous system, chemicals inviting
the thought of not, having to deal with this shit's enticing
I'm a dead boy, mentally unstable at the function
Good looking corpse, I'm gonna stunt with my dysfunction

Scum fuck, bad luck, sad times, good drugs!

Writer(s): Jose Gonzalez
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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