Public Enemy Get the Fuck Outta Dodge (Censored Escapism radio version) cover

Get the Fuck Outta Dodge (Censored Escapism radio version)
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Get the Fuck Outta Dodge (Censored Escapism radio version) Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I was wheelin' wit' the boom in the back
The treble was level, I like it like that
I was rolly-roll-a-roll rollin'
At 5 O looked and said, ?Hold it?
Verse 2
And I stopped still, I never got ill
'Cause my license was clean an I showed
A peace powwow, instead of pow pow
I'm straight up and I'm straight, so how you like me now
Verse 3
But I know how you do, you're straight from Babylon
But I know how you do, you're straight from Babylon
They said, ?Turn it down? 'cause it's a new law
You never seen us before but we're raw like a war
Verse 4
They warned me once, they warned me twice
So I knew I was warned they had it goin' on
I got the f*** outta Dodge wit' my Bronco
A 60 miles an hour, [Incomprehensible]
Verse 5
And I be pumpin' the sound drownin' out the cars
Which tape should I rock, L.L.'s or R.A.'s?
I'm in the streets of New York, go away
I pop in my cool G Rap 'n' Polo tape
Verse 6
And they was at it again, sirens in the air
Ah sh**, so I'm outta here
But the blue in the front called the blue in the back
They cut me off and stopped me dead in my tracks
Verse 7
But this is minimal, I'm not a criminal
I always did what I did because I'm not a kid
And I looked around, they stared me down
Told me what I did, I ain't wit' it
Verse 8
'Cause word around town was a stickup
Yeah, yeah, yeah, be-boy n**** in a pickup
But I was jeepin' and creepin', just a keepin'
It down sound, here we go the run around
Verse 9
I'm blamin' me for the hardcore roar
But they the ones wit' the 44's
I'm just coolin' I know the beat is rulin'
Too loud for the crowd the bass is large, yeah
Verse 10
So I'll get the f*** outta Dodge
That's right y'all, el commando
El commando you're in demand-o
Verse 11
Sgt. Hawkes and I'm down wit' the cop scene
I'm a rookie and I'm rollin' wit' a swat team
Packin' a nine, can't wait to use it
Crooked cop yeah, that's my music
Verse 12
Up against the wall don't gimme no lip son
A bank is robbed and you fit the description
And I ain't your mama and I ain't your pops
Keep your music down or you might get shot
Verse 13
This is a warning so watch your tail
Or I'm a have to put your a** in jail
I'm the police and I'm in charge
You don't like it, get the f*** outta Dodge

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