Public Enemy Put It Up cover

Put It Up
Lyrics and Meaning

Jul 23, 2002

Put It Up Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Cant understand some of these
Rhymin' in circles
Now patriotic emcees
On bent knees
By six degrees
Lord have mercy
Even the voice of god rehearses
Attack of the 50 ft verses
Supermama this time around gotta few curses
Papa gotta new bag of cant get
Worse comes to worse
Cant get enough
Of tryin' it
Sayin' nothing goin' no place no time soon
But buyin' it
Like gettin' in a car without drivin' it
Still black rock the wax like stax
I rip , I mix
Full screen like imax
So I max
Off the deep end
Get deep in the record
100 beats per second
Cut down the like rhymes
Cause they get redundant
Refuse to stoop to stupid
Cause they dumbed it
Like motown
Say it loud
Like I'm the new James Brown uh
Verse 2
Put it up
Put it up
Verse 3
Rocked the concoction
A potion of too much emotion
Uh,I'm a keep it in motion
Call it whatcha wanna
Bus stop, 'lectric slide cha cha
Funky 16 corners
Verse 4
Hot like Jill Scotts blues
But damn too old for 22s
But I can still move
Lets roll
You cant do your thing
If your things the wrong thing
Tax the payers
Stack paper
But you failed as an eighth grader
Dumb ass
Failed every math class
Plus I know this like otis
I like to know
Are you ready for some super dynamite soul
F,it that's how it gos?
Beyond the cornrows
If I cant talk , get to steppin'
Tongue can be a tool and weapon
Verse 5
Put it up
Put it up
Verse 6
Damn I'm tired of these coons
Rhymin' in circles
Words can either help or hurt you
Or be neutral
Cats still might shoot you
What suits you
If you gots issues
A thousand tattoos
Confused in 200 dollar gym shoes
Spendin' more than you got
Two thousand and two blues
Give it up turn it loose
Ain't no use
Rest of you
Screamin' rescue me from the residue
Fast break fives on two
Us against you
So what you gonna do?
Verse 7
Put it up
Put it up

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