Public Enemy Revelation 33â…“ Revolutions cover

Revelation 33â…“ Revolutions
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Apr 21, 1998

Revelation 33â…“ Revolutions Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Revelation, revelation
Verse 2
Yeah that's right, y'all better act like you know
Shit is gettin' critical (in all the nations)
Shit is gettin' crazy, that's right (all the lands)
Y'all better listen yo shit is blazin' G
Shit is blazin', that's right, I'm tryin' to let y'all know
Verse 3
Soldiers of the future
We are approachin' with to be Earth's last battle
The war fever's on the rise
The lives of many are in the hands of fate
Armageddon is the destiny we await
In the trenches of the ghettos we meditate
Developin' our defense, I'm gettin' tense
I hear the bombs of time tickin'
As the smoke of fear thickens in the air
I cock my glock and give thanks
For the peace that will exist, when this war is over
Revolutions, revelations will be revealed
Babylon has fallen, now time to build, labwars
Verse 4
When I spit at the government bombs like Saddam hit
Make you flip to the music with your shit half-lit
Harder than time and convicts
Rhymes never be basic, afraid of the dark
Twenty-five to the L, no I just can't face it
Need a mill for two passports and face-lifts
Ain't tryin' to see handcuffs and steel bracelets
Twisted politics, high speed chases
On the races, locked down places
Prophet of rages, reincarnation as gauges
Set to show off in the blazes
Revolution, revelation, resurrection stages
Raw like wild dogs locked up in the cages
And my brain cell with ice picks under the floor
Plottin' the war I'll sign a Shakur for sure
Revisited, hear the shorties be quizzin' it
Geronimo Platt, politically incarcerated cats
I dwell on all the black males doi

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