Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors Lyrics Meanings
by Rahssun
ft. Napps


Rock Paper Scissors Lyrics

Oh shitted I rock papers
Bitches scissor
Gon i shock neighbors
Killua favors ultimatums
Habitual he fade em
Ain't no motherfuckin favors
Higher states he made em
Searchin motherfuckin fables
Knockin shit off the table
Got all you niggas triggered
My katana blade em
Who made em? Grade em?
Fuck who gon save em?
Never the talkin type
Observin shade ooo
He cool Real deal smooth
Flow so ecstatic like he powered by the moon
Chillin w my crew it's been a minute
Paid my dues
Hold on to my nut
Cause bitches wanna try that new
Hot lava Top wave rider
Oh my god He so dam fine uh
When he smile He light the sky up
Sippin H2O I watch em

Ohh what a beautiful evening
Need me a chick with some of that season
Making me pissed, I rap for reason
Making you stuck, I'm playing some defense
Wreaking some havoc I'm bringing the noise
Making these bangers I bring in the boys
We just be surfing these waves
Making a statement then get out the way
Prolly be working the desk for the pay
Nevermind that man i need it today
Sorry I'm late but you need it today
Cover the pay then i look at they page
They prolly talking that shit on a page
I really don't care cause I'm on it today
Fucking around and you niggas amazed
Cause all of the shit that i spit is just flames
I break away
And take yuh name
Cause ain't nobody fucking with you anyway
I gotta get it up and in and out the way
The competition not as hard as usual
Smoking pot and i be eating goose
Bought the game so i never lose
Girl i ain't replaceable
I'm mr incredible

Slay shit
Wait minute this my day shift
24 hours in a day
Need my payment
Steppin in my bag
Then press the gas he ripped the pavement
So so sorry baby but that ass is not a payment
It's difficult rituals
Get shit for yo different clues
You trippin what you sippin
Quit yo bitchin you cynical
Underground pro he skater
Mission on sick he pull
Quick with the mctwist
High off the top of it
Shit goin full send
Landin no parachute
Levitate past heaven gates
Really really no kevin gates
Shit go stupid elevate
Listen here bud these the breaks
Meditated on this shit fore I had went psycho
I'm kickin shit come equipped like you spartas rival
And you can't be my rival
Cause this shit here is tidal
I'm faded pavin my own way
I went and blocked that cycle
Oh I go
Oh I go
Oh I go
Oh I go

Writer(s): De'Vounta Turner, Thomas Stevens
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Rock Paper Scissors Meanings

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