Rakim  Clark Kent Finest Ones cover

Finest Ones
by (Feat. )
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November 30, 1999

Song Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Where the ladies at?
Clarkworld baby
Uh, uh
[Repeat: x4]
It's the are baby
It's the god baby
I got rhymes I love to bust looking for a club to rush
It's like thugs will rush the illustrious
We all love to touch the voluptuous
It's a must that we lust, plus we love to crush
Women pose, from timberland's to feminine clothes
Check there portfolios and put'em in centerfolds
Pen explode, draw crowds respond re-el
I stay calm as hell surrounded by bombshells
Careful as I get near'em, stand near and compare 'em
Or all girl heir 'em, I'm the man with the serum
Assets, probably dressed but still bear 'em
It seem like they wear 'em, just for me to tear 'em
In quakes I see more things shake then spring break
It's like a dream state, perfect shape same date
You got a lot to give and look how hot it is, you so provocative
And it's your prerogative. Baby bounce.
Ladies, nothing but the finest ones
The lavishist ones, the ain't hard to findest ones
From the boldest to the shy-ist ones
Which city got the livest ones
Verse 2
New York, L.A., Atlanta, V.A., Miami, D.C., tell me!
Bon Jour, baby here go my brochure
Give me a phone call, I'll show you the whole store
It's so raw, I'll have your world in all
You want to know how much the whole package go for?
My spectacle, like a festival, it's majestical, special guest for you
Ready to party hard the party's in yards to the mardygraud
Rap say on's, please give you a body massage
Rock jams, have you hot in your pants and nasty
Forbidden dance with me? Or tickle your there see
Let Ra take you on a ron day vue
Couple of days will do if it's o.k. with you
Deserted isle style middle of winter with no bed
I'll comfort you like you were Jennifer Lopez
You get what you deserve if I said we swerve
I'll hit more than nerve and that's my every word. Baby bounce.
Verse 3
Houston, Philly
Baby you wake up the next day laungary negligee
Give you a sex ex-ray before we catch the rays
Let's blaze a lot more games left to play
While you still amazed from yesterday's escapades
Steadily show my pedigree so thoroughly to the B-o-n-e like chemotherapy
Sex and triple x you ready to wed next, relax baby you need plenty of bed rest
You've been a passenger of a high speed crash with a wild style fashioner
Dark skinned ambassador, chiropractor with a passion
For smashin' your ass like a cardiovascular massacre.
You've be through shock heading at your see you-wop
Body'so hot, you need a shot from your new doc.
With better cures where's it sore I'll wetter more.
And let it pour from her to head to her peticular's, baby bounce.
Verse 4
Detroit, San Fran
Verse 5
Chi-Town, Boston
Verse 6
Cleveland, B-More
Verse 7
Orlando, N.O.
What! Brooklyn, uptown, Queens, Bronx, L.I., Staten Island,
N.J., What! Connecticut, can't forget y'all,
Girls everywhere, ha ha
Girls, girls, girls, girls
Dedicated to the ladies from Rakim the god
And Clark the world, you heard! What!

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