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Verse 1
Got a call from my cousin
Come and get me right now
'Cause I done lost my woman
And I need a night out
Verse 2
Said I can't burn it down
'Cause I'm gettin' up early
I'm down for one round
But around 1:30
I was sittin' at a Waffle House
I think I had grits
Started hittin' on a waitress
Everything after that gets fuzzy
Verse 3
Like a TV in a cheap motel
My head feels funny
I lost my keys
I lost my cell
And all of my money
Verse 4
Did I crash a party
Have a run in with the law
Take a swim in a fountain
I don't know
'Cause it's all kinda fuzzy
Verse 5
There's a ring on my finger
There's a bra on the lamp
Gotta get outta this hot tub
And try to find my pants
Verse 6
Who the hell is Heather
And when were we together
'Cause I've got every letter of her name on my chest
Think I got a shiner
A cigarette burn
Nothing in that bottle of tequila but the worm
Verse 7
It's fuzzy
Like static on the radio
My head feels funny
I lost my watch
I lost my clothes
And all of my money
Verse 8
Did I call my momma
Try to break into the mall
Did I even pay the cabbie
I don't know
'Cause it's all kinda fuzzy
Verse 9
I remember how it started
After that it's just a blur
Is it a Sunday or a Monday
Am I suppose to be at work
Verse 10
It's fuzzy
Like a tennis ball on my tongue
My mouth feels funny
I'm blinded by the sun
But things ain't sunny
Verse 11
Will the room stop spinning
Will I find my car
On my way back home right now
It's all fuzzy
Verse 12
Oh it's fuzzy
It's fuzzy
Everything is fuzzy

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