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He don't got a politic all he got's hegemony the end of me
Enemies standing near my neck when I pretend to breathe
Eventually, i'ma plan out what I'm meant to be
Stencil flows coming in intensely from the biggest stream
I guess y'all niggas aren't ahead of me
Slumped off the pen
When I woke I grabbed the pencil and pad they're in my dreams
Write whatever ancestors telling me
Revealing the entrance to different dimensions it's awesome how the weeds
Can reach you to the moon
Le Sony'r see you soon
It's after the end of the world y'all niggas can't smell doom
He got out here real soon
Left us to deal with the real shit
Can't appeal to someone you kneeling to
Everything you say is that in the first instance
Get these niggas away I would prefer distance
I'm bout to burn incense
Bad spirits get cast away
And they say that the homosape had came from the Africa

Your theory it's got some sway
But I came from Sirius B
Knew the universe before there ever was a Siri A.I.
This ain't practice I'm so serious
A.I. with the lyrics
Fear him it's apparent he veering off path
This a raw rap you didn't know that?
Shit why you lie?
I was jotting down bars on some notepads back when I was five
By the lockers drown our problems so far back in our mouths
They was at the tip of the tongue you had let it rip than me
I couldn't finish my sentence 'fore your ass was kissing me
Spit be round my lips she wan' get a taste of me
High school was crazy I swear that nigga was a different me
Different breed
Now the only sloppy she leaves is below the B
E l t
She smelt me from across the room
"Aw this dude tryna melt me"
And I will real soon
It's not gonna take me long
It never takes me long
Except to pull it out this dick be strong
She wan' take me home

Writer(s): Ryan Wise
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

home2 Meanings

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