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Reinvented Lyrics Meanings
by Reburst


Reinvented Lyrics

Don't tell me it's over

We rock
We're fusing the elements
Hip hop
Abusing benevolent
It's got
Nothing to do with the
Criss cross
That's skewered up into the
Face of a creature that's seen by the culture
The media sees us all differently eating like vultures
But they cannot kill us we're cleaner than kosher
Hit us and get it, we're villainous
Killin it
Leaving the illness so ill that we're infinite
Intimate lyrical incident, into it
In a collateral damage, we're living in
Picture, a pretty old city without any shooting
Oftentimes the gossips who
Is doing who and who and who is
Thinking of using
It's a, privilege I can come from a family
Who Couldn't afford shoes to go and kick it, stead they relied on a future to hand me
Grown without accounts of prejudice or struggle
Muggle to the outer scuttle in a bubble
Lived inside the awkward middle ground of dreamers
Next to other people getting comfortable
Hanging from a thread that's ready to get severed
Screaming at the top of my lungs to get further
Aching for a bit of fame without the motivation
Now I'm hitting every single server
No don't you tell me it's over
It'll be over when the reburst name
Is all over stadiums cross the whole country with
Brailand and Ruben and I on the stage

Don't tell me it's over

Let everyone imagine
A battle of rappers all tapping and bashing, harassing, prolapsing
Their brains for the fame
And they diss and they cuss all the people who paved
All the ways of the game
Eminem, Tupac, and biggie, the doc
And snoop to the D.O mother fucking double G
They talk big game
And slander the names
But these people are more hidden then what's under double D's
They fight and they push for the light and the spot
And they rot all while dreaming to bop to the top
And it's not what you think
It's a contest to rock
Up a crowd, and and we'll die and we'll flock
Like a wocka
Blitz with the ball they will drop on
The culture they've got a lock on
The ability to walk with the Monters
Pause this rotten nonsense
We got
To fight the celebrities
Hip hop
Is now just a centerpiece
It's got
Not one bit to do with the
Kids nah
No fun is involved in the
It's effing incredible
It's a
Force that's impenetrable
Shit nah
The new kids are all gonna
Get far
They're realizing that
How to be known for your talent
You gotta Diss all of the people you used to look up to
And spit up a verse that is fresh with a hook that is profitable therefore talents unused
Your worth as a person's exploited and ripped, to be packaged and shipped, fake immaculate shit
And it's sad but it's true our idols are fuel
And we gotta be able to smash em to rule

Don't tell me it's over

Writer(s): Reburst
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
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