Eyes Open

Eyes Open Lyrics Meanings
by Redd Tha Artist


Eyes Open Lyrics

You kan catch me out here screamin
Nigga what's the move
Kuz even tho Im makin plans
You gotta make em too
And man you cant be out here
Waiting on the next fool
Im fixing problems
And I need your assist
With the tools
Cuz I kan get it on my own
Takes time
But not worried
I'll be sittin on the thrown
Told them niggas that be hatin
Should be leavin me alone
Kuz youll have time to go and get it
But you peakin in my zone
You see
Cuz I dont live in your world
You buy jewelry and Js
To get material girls
Im dreaded up with a fade
You faded up with a curl
And I dont really wanna smoke it
If the blunt aint pearled
My momma a g
And the youngin playa made
I go beast
I got Ks
If you ask me if Im workin
No minimum wage
But everyday
Change it up
Cross your anks
And jump into a fade away
Should be dunking on these fools
But really I dont even play
Haters are only relevant
If you're hearing what they say
These niggas actin insane
Cuz they dont wanna change their pace
Steady buyin fake chains,
Needin rides
Dont wanna pay
But you were claimin you were paid
Rich Nigga
Self made
Spent all your money on some Js
And man that front tapered played

You See That
Get Your Mind Right, nigga (Need to)
Get your mind right
Kuz they see that

I Be like
Nigga get back
While I brush haters off me
Women in my family strong
Like some straight black coffee
So who do I look up to
Shyt my mama and my granny
Really do it for my folks
Wanna make a way for family
And I wanna get on
And bring jobs to The Bluff
Buy some buildings
Fix em up
And raise the hood value up
No Larry Bird
That would be clutch
But niggas round here acting tough
Materialism got em trifling
These niggas aint righteous
Got some new shoes
A kid scuffed em
Now u fighting
Got yo ass knocked out
But you thought you were a titan
Im just sayin
That these niggas be faker than most
Gotta be the one on shine
Cant just go with the flow
I be on my shyt
Gettin it in
Makin it good
For my kids
Well the ones in the future
Kuz Ima wear a jimmy
Like yo girl rock a wig
And this shyt right here's in general
I dont deal with pigs
I dont want that shyt you sippin
Oh no, not a swig
I been smoking on that good
And more tipsy than a bit
And that shyt that you be talkin
Mane it don't make no sense
Need to be focused
On puttin some money to the rent

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Eyes Open Meanings

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