Escalators cover
Escalators cover

Escalators Lyrics Meanings
by Reese LAFLARE

Escalators Lyrics

Jumped off the porch when I was 15
Ford Expedition full of my niggas and big dreams (dreams)
To be the next Korine, Campbell
Converse One Stars, Supreme T-Shirt, a flannel
Pushing down your block like I was ?
Teach you 'bout this style shit boy, I wrote the manual
If you approach me on Goliath, imma be David
Just remember that you can't stop your fate
Case closed, cake baked
Stack my money face to face
? to take
Finesse real, I play dumb with a poker face
This sounds like Gucci mixed with 3K done had a baby in a Pyrex pot
That's full of ?
Don't forget to throw in some AK shells
Talk trap but can't even calibrate they scales
Can't even eye-ball a gram to sell
I did magic with them bags, David Copperfield, voilà (voilà)
As the wheels turn on a hooptie
Skate to the trap, I love how the streets seduce me
Hollywood lights, they did the same to me
With all the movies, the groupies, the foreign car driving
and all the jeweler and on the real that's why I'm [?] as fuck
Infatuated with being fresher than any person stepping
So please, ?
? no ain't no touching

He talking (talking)
She talking (talking)
Streets talking (talking)
Everybody talking
Two dope boys in a Cadillac
(Voices, talking) Reese LAFLARE, y'all see the influence
I'mma bully these bitch boys 'cause they ?
Know they scared, that's why their tail tucked
Nigga what? You 'bout it? With it?
Then knuck if you buck
Shut the fuck up, plain and simple
? they still take me for granted

Writer(s): Maurice Williams
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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