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Wild Blue
by Renn

Wild Blue Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I'm a feather of a man; tossed and twist-turned by the wind
And I don't know where I'm going til I get there
Sail the ocean leave this shore, find my death and be reborn
Time's ticking, life is short, but hey I'll get there
Off in the wild blue; sick of
Staring at the sky, Checking stars lookin' for signs
What I must do; I know I'm
running out of time, mark my words: I'm gonna find my way to you
Verse 2
Feel the burning I my skin
A fire raging deep within
Quicker than your count to ten, I'm gonna get there
Send these bridges up in flames
Watch smoke and ash just float away
See I got this trail to blaze yeah I will get there
Off in the wild blue
Sick of staring at the sky
Checking stars lookin for signs
What I must do
I know I'm running out of time
But mark my words... I'm gonna find my way to you
Verse 3
I'm searching through the
Corners of my soul; I'm spinning wild, out of control
It's the only way I know until I find
I'm catching traces, counting paces on my climb
Close eyes and cut the rope
Nothing to lose nothing to show
But I know it's time to go, I gotta get there
Leaving friend and foe behind
Things that never once were mine
Kick the ladder that I climbed yeah, I will get there, oh I will get there

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