S-List [Blockhaven Version]

S-List [Blockhaven Version] Lyrics Meanings
by Rennissence
ft. Pancake Titan


S-List [Blockhaven Version] Lyrics

Miss Ma'amliana speaking
Who gave you this number
Um, let me just hit the block button

Log on
I think I'm gonna check my twitter
Whats the tea
This bitche's flavor is so bitter
Tweets not loading

What does a bitch have to do to get a mocha latte around here
Just get it airdropped girl, duh
Are you gonna sing or what
She can sing too
Just watch bitch

I can afford the whole store yeah anything
(Cha-Ching Bitch)
I want designer mm mm everything
(That's right)
If it ain't Louis then I don't want it baby
(Ooh this bag)
Give it to me now
Put it on my black-card

Oh what cause I thought a broke bitch was talking
That's right
Just as I thought
Uh lemme call up Pancake, anyway

Try it, swipe it, return it, burn it
If it ain't Louis
If it ain't Prada
And that's on what

Hey how's it going
Snatched Sis
Oh my god so I wanted to tell you about this song
Is it Gucci
I really wanted you to feature on it
I totally think it's your style
Can music be Gucci
Uh-huh it's so iconic
I'm flying over
You haven't even heard it but I know you're stanning
Stan List
More like S-List

Log on
I think I'm gonna check my twitter
Whats the tea
This bitche's flavor is so bitter
Show off just how gold plated and X-Rated
My life is
This tweet got all of the flops baited

Hold on my right air-pod died
Aren't you supposed to throw these out when they die
I can afford it bitch i'm hoardin'
All of my wealth just for myself
Flops stay lurkin' I stay workin'
Ren and I
We're S-List don't even try

I thought this song was supposed to be big in BlockHaven
Um Ren, people are playing Minecraft
What? Oh you're saying cause it's in Minecraft
Um, anyway
Have any of ya'll seen my diamond horse
That's ok I already ordered a new one anyway
Em, anyway
Black lives matter
All cops are bitchless
And if you don't think so
I'm a rich bitch and I get it so
What are you doing

Writer(s): Aristotle Reckards, Robyn Ren
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

S-List [Blockhaven Version] Meanings

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