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Yeah, I don't know where to start
How do you admit that you're falling apart?
I mean, how will I admit that I'm falling apart?
My mother's gonna worry but I'm fine in my heart
I've lived the words that I've said
And I live with a voice that tends to tell me that I'm shit in my head
And well, maybe I should fuck it and be happy instead
I should just say, "Fuck it," and be happy instead, right?

'Cause there's a lot of people tryna tell me how to deal with myself
But I'm not gonna listen if you mention my health
I don't care, don't tell me and don't text me
'Cause that kind of shit upsets me, just kind of affects me

And it's bringing me down, and I'm not gonna lie
These days, I prefer to just not be outside
And these days, I just end up spendin' all of my time
With my girlfriend, but to be honest, I think that's alright

'Cause time keeps rollin' and I'm just makin' songs
I'm doing my best
Still find myself stressed
And I'm no longer sure where I belong
I'm starting to rust
Don't know who to trust

(Don't trust anyone, not even me)

Some people concentrate on style too much
But I think I just force myself to smile too much
And that should soon end for the best
I wanna live my life with no stress
Love life and feel blessed, like
It's kind of funny on the inside
I'm tryna be a man, but really I'm just a little child, shit
And that's pretty much it
Yeah that's pretty much it
(Is there anything else?)
Oh yeah
My jaw hurts a lot because I grind it with stress (mhm?)
I was an idiot recently and lost a lot of my friends (naw)
Nothing brings me joy and nothing makes me smile
Being at school makes me aware of how I haven't been myself in awhile (oh)
And I wonder what it was like to be eleven?
Wonder if there's such a thing as life after death, such a thing as heaven? (Why?)
And every now and then I think about the fact that I'd become a legend if I died at 27

Writer(s): Alexander James O'Connor, Benjamin Ross Ash
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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