The Shinin' [Prod. Intalek Uno the Consiglere]

The Shinin' [Prod. Intalek Uno the Consiglere] Lyrics Meanings
by Rey Morado
ft. Carla the Poet


The Shinin' [Prod. Intalek Uno the Consiglere] Lyrics

I'm really above law
Til catch me in trap, trawl
Dove in, Cage I dissolve
A caper, a force a nature
My cranium tornado, my sense a way get disabled
My sense of weight burn with Vega, I earned it all check da data
Statistics easily skewed, can't counter most of my views
Could never dim up the vision, a mirror of many hues
It's eerier, growing superior, prolly the serial, ominous, serious face, delirious pace
Im losing
Track a da day, overlap til I'm back
Overusin the pack, I'm Superman how I'm at
Up in da sky hoe
Quite da bravado
I spread it thin at times, often walled my mind 3 quarters a time
I need sorting, I'm mixed up, shit, gimme sword
I make da scene sordid, now lay dis nigga in soil
No wait, for da wake, no way, endele,
Cause ion know bout u but we gotta make sum shake
And ion kno bout you, but I'm tired a empty plate
I'm wired into the play, they sleep, I die awake
My eyes open, half wish a nigga could close em
When the truth bring nightmares it's hard to disclose it

My mind losing track of the time im fastlane living
Given the intimate woven in me but it is written
I take yo sentence and soak the tip in some intermission
I needa break from all of this nonsense these niggas spittin
Im hittin the path with accuracy im in a loss
This overtime of making diversity worth the cost
I need my penny, dollar peso like that mayo yall call boss
Outta season, but i soak in the season im the sauce
While im bleedin out this art yall pick apart i got my lane
Tic for tac ain no tac on my grounds my tires clean
Rolling sturdy call my diirrrty when u see me out them chains
Them boxes holdin imposters set to copy this wave
Ima new breed born in the south apart from the A
Though you knew me, no this aint no corpse that stepped out the grave
Im saying oooweee, yall boys get some rest while i make this change
Niggas wanna be chosen, while my path remains the same
Im on my any many miny moe
Snatch a dollar by the thoat
Cant nobody tell me no
Ian plannin to let go
When im on i wont choke
Needa get my shining on

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The Shinin' [Prod. Intalek Uno the Consiglere] Meanings

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