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Paralyzed Lyrics

Yeah you got me here but you don't even know the rest
I'm so paralyzed from the neck down
What's the point when I can't even feel my hands
I'm stuck with you for god who knows what
You tried to use me for my own fame and desire
I don't know how the fuck can this even happen
When you don't even have a million followers
All I wanted to do was to help you out for one moment
How can I trust you again if this shit happens
You've all lost your chances and now you're going have to pay for it
Guess I'll just make you have to save for it, what can I say
Except do something for it

What makes you say that you can snatch out at the background
Right next to the flight-house
Tried to run away it's not easy running away from your past actions
Imagine having to do with anything being in this community
You belong in a facility
Trying to fake your own death
You think that shit is even cool in the first place
You've manipulated us for too long
And by any means go find yourself another boyfriend
Because you are just not the type of girl I want when you're abusing me
Don't try to accuse me of being sexually biased against society
That shit ain't so nice when you're using words against me to hurt myself
Almost killed myself because of it
Tried to show a darker side of me, didn't work
But at least the work I can make is much better than yours
Especially when my ex-girlfriend can draw better than you
You are just another worthless bitch
Who would rather steal someone's heart
Just to try to get the profit out of them
I ain't falling for your love
I rather be calling up your mom
Imagine what they be finding out
We were so close to the edge of greatness
Then you turned light into darkness
Too bad they didn't pay me enough just to say this all about you

You stressed me out too much, how can I possibly be with you again
If you're just going to cause more chaos
I don't need anyone in my life, I'm as happy as I can be
Don't need to worry so much about my life I rather help out others
Than be with your shitty life
At least I'm actually doing something instead of you
Doing nothing and talking your shit
Trust me I don't need any part of your existence whatsoever
If you're just going to let me down when I don't want to worry about you
Just leave me alone and get a better life
Someone else can deal with your bullshit
You feel so dedicated just to try to get me back
But even then you don't even know how decisions work
You made yourself so desperate
You want me back just for your fame

I need nobody else but my family
Because they matter more than you being selfish about yourself
And anyone you even know to, lied to, gave to
You even betrayed your own mother just for some popularity I don't want anybody else, I wanna be close to myself
Just make me feel liberated and controlled
By all these liberated individuals
So much powered individuals, so pleasing, so grateful, much love
The one thing is that though
I can't get over the fact that
I'm still with this one mother fucker trying to take me over

I guess there's no real ending to the story
They're still trying to cause drama over the past couple of times
Why you gotta be so close to home
Home run like the MLB
There's no real winner because according to you
The drama should still keep going
Why can't you just learn from your past and move on from it
You can't even make a valid point
Because I don't need you and your shitty lies
Just go find another person just to go fuck themselves to
Because even if you try to pay me
Just to try to get you back, I'm not here for the money
I rather care about love than your million dollar company

Tell me to buy it, sell it, get it
I don't need it
What I need is for you to stop coming over me and show me respect
Because it looks like that's the last thing you can do at this point of time
At least have some decency at least
But too bad you don't have experience
You are just another person left for me, to deal with
It's not easy being me
But for your information at least I try to stay positive
But it seems you're only positive just because of me
So fuck you and your self esteem
Because you are just another worthless person to me

Writer(s): Randy Garita
Copyright(s): Lyrics © TRN Ent. Publishing
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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