Prosper Lyrics Meanings
by Reynard Lewis


Prosper Lyrics

Had a deep talk with my father
Why bother, if I don't benefit
Why do I gotta show love, when they don't give me any respect
They say I'm too cool, calm and collect
Amp it up a bit, try to turn up, make some club hits
I just sit back, and daydream
Contemplating about life
And if I could handle a tough crowd, with the brightest smile
Still amazing that a rose grew from the ground, I wonder how
It would be if I remained a simple kid
Infiltrate with hostile intent and hollow tips where none of your business is
Or how we fail to place emphasis
On how the love of money is really what the addiction is
Picture this, read a bit
Study your vision, just open your eyelids
My guess? God blessed everyone with ideas
Nowadays, it's either you Romans or Pontius Pilate
Either doing the attacking or wrongfully accusing
The only problem with resolutions... There is still an execution

Who would've ever thought I was talking about Judas(Brutus)
Why is it when you trying to better yourself, they won't let you prosper

This is what I was meant for
My expectations are most likely to succeed
Because if you feel what I mean, Then you'll see what I intend for
It's impossible for the possible to be impossible
Logical to ill-minds but the wise sense it illogical
We shooting blameless accusations
Forget what I'm facing, I'm just staying concentrated
Having pointless communication to makeup for the delaying
You think I'm stupid
Living ruthless with this lifestyle that would leave the human race clueless
But we all make mistakes and others question what we doing
I never struggle to show what I'm really feeling
The outside shows I'm a hero, the inside shows I'm a villain
See I don't know how to say this
But the world has gone dangerous
These young cats pulling triggers
But me, I ain't the slightest scared,
Would you believe me if I told you that... Fear is the least of my concern

Who would've ever thought I was talking about Judas (Brutus)
Why is it when you trying to better yourself, they won't let you prosper

Writer(s): Reynard Moore
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Prosper Meanings

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