Love Is Strange

Love Is Strange Lyrics Meanings
by Rico Santana


Love Is Strange Lyrics

Love's strange
Like tech nine
Late nights
Red eye flights
In attack mode your a great white
you smell blood
can't wait to strike
Say our
Love blossomed like tulips
Rico stay tooled up
I'm Not talking R.L stein
When I say you gave me some goosebumps
I don't mean to show my bad side
friends bringing them bad vibes
I swear they are the grim reaper
Cause they praying that our love dies
can't break us
It's kind of scary
Had to chase you like Tom and Jerry
casting spells
You some kind of fairy
Hard times but it's temporary
We'll keep it moving like a locomotive
No tricks no hocus pocus
In a dark hole like Damn gopher
I Had to strike like Damn cobra
I'm still here even you're feeling hopeless
I be thinking I'm Sammie Sosa
I'm just trying to hit a home-run
You're nice catch and I'm Manny Mota
I'm gone


Love is strange
It may be somebody you don’t even know
Oh love is strange
Gotta give it time to let it grow
If you with it then count me in
You riding with it then count me in
You rolling with me count me in
But don’t forget to be my friend
Cause love is strange

Verse 2: (Yung NI)
I’m spider man
She’s Mary Jane
I hope she gets caught in my web
I super man
She’s Lois Lane
The only one that I would save
Strange love
Falling for a stranger
Strange love
Find myself loving strangers
New chapters
Different pages
New teachers
Different situations
Don’t be acting so brand new
I’m love sick
Caught the love bug
Now I love
I’m A love addict
You’re my love drug
Now I love drugs
Skipped a flight in London
Just to go and build a bridge
With Brooklyn
It was burning down
Roll it up
and we just burn it down

Your loving my antidote baby
I feel your energy
I love your entity
Your loving my antidote baby
Now you’re no longer a stranger (x2)


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Love Is Strange Meanings

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