Rita Hayworth The Shorty George cover

The Shorty George

Sep 5, 2013

The Shorty George Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Just heard of the Shorty George
Got word of the Shorty George
Seems that it's a kind of jig
Named for someone about so big
Verse 2
He rambles around the town
Preambles around the town
Then stops on a crowded street
'n beats his feet till his feet is beat
Verse 3
Watch him go! - and he can -
Like a real- nach'-l man
High Stepper is Shorty George
Black pepper is Shorty George
Verse 4
He dances to pay the rent
And to see that you're solid sent
Mister can you spare a penny?
Lady can you spare a dime?
Verse 5
He makes, I don't know how many
'Cause he's dancin' all the time.
Popa's dressed up mighty sporty
Momma's snooz-in' in the shade
Verse 6
But while mommas's catchin' "forty"
Shorty sees the rent is paid
Get hip to the Shorty George
Hop, skip to the "Shorty George"
Verse 7
Directions are short and sweet
Beat your feet till your feet is beat
So catch-on to "Shorty George"
And latch onto "Shorty George"
Verse 8
Good people I'm tellin' you
"Shorty George" is the dance to do.

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