Rob Zombie Dead Girl Superstar cover

Dead Girl Superstar
by Rob Zombie
Lyrics and Meaning

Nov 13, 2001

Dead Girl Superstar Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Well, she threw downtown on a gambling green
And fenced a chicken dog in a movie
A long haired baby got a record machine
Like a hacksaw falling on me
Verse 2
Go, go, go, go
Dying to go
She's moving in like a demon
Verse 3
Dead girl, dead girl
Well, she blew uptown on a cemetery sound
And wore her leather pants for week, yeah
A canteen butcher got tiger teeth
And a handmade circus freak, yeah
Verse 4
Go, go, go, go
Dying to go
She moving in like a demon
Verse 5
Dead girl, dead girl superstar
Well, she hit the ground like a bounty killer Clown
With a fistful of dollars to eat, yeah
I see her there with blood in her hair
And a flesh killing brat to beat, yeah

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