Rob Zombie Ironhead cover

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Nov 13, 2001

Ironhead Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
What is the purpose
Demonoid phenomenon
Regulate the flux and reflux
So bring it on
Loose upon the world
Destruct a juggernaut
Verse 2
Suddenly the rats are high
Bleed the masses and watch'em cry
Slumber like houdini's dog
Die alone out in the fog
Verse 3
Iron head- regenerate
Iron head-exterminate
Iron head-liberate and crucify you
Verse 4
What is my name
Demonoid phenomenon
Laugh in your face and
Break because you don't belong
Vent upon the brink
Appear another demi-god
Verse 5
Suddenly forever knows
What it takes and where it goes
Paint it black inside your head
I defy what you have said

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