The Truther Soliloquy

The Truther Soliloquy Lyrics Meanings
by Robby Royce


The Truther Soliloquy Lyrics

In order for me to be happy
I need to let some of these so called conspiracies out in my poetry
Because there's some truth to these things, you may be surprised by your findings

Get a clue and youtube September Clues
And Judy wood Irrefutable too
The planes look like cartoons
And they played some funky video for you
Spiraling smoke plooms
Doesnt seem like what smoke would do
Bathtub that the buildings sat in never blew
7 buildings with the WTC prefix disappeared into the blue
Including one that was in between 2 the post office
And Verizon didn't even need to move
Sposed to be melting shoes
But the paper didn't burn and you
Can see the cars look like they were from world war 2
All rusted through
There wasnt enough rubble after the fall
And the people in the basement didnt have a bruise
Steel columns turned to dust But I don't even trust
The video to be honest, So we'll never know
Whered the buildings go
But we know the beneficiaries were Silverstein
The Bush family, Cheneys company, and Israel

Space is a tv show. Is the moon solid, no
It's somewhere that we could never go
No tracks by the rov from apolo
The landers scotch tape, foil, and poles
The earth should look bigger than the moon in its photo
And analysis shows the lander's ceiling shadow
10,000 pound thrusters, no craters or blast holes though
You wanna see the rest of the show here ya go dude
Rockets are balloon assisted and satelites too
Don't believe your watchin a baloon look At the Nasa launches and pause it too
It rolls like its strapped to a tank of helium not a few million pounds of fuel'n
Spacex is literally a giant cartoon
That gets me fumed but what about satelites right
As far as Satellites they have different types
Space satellites are cgi
And there are hundreds of the real type they strap to balloons
That you can see fly by
At night. Time it out and give it a couple of tries
So what is Space and this vail cast over our eyes
Its a disguise
The government uses lies and tries
To hide that is only a few miles in the sky
Where stealth rocket ships horizontally fly
Traditional ufo's and orbs were Russian spies
But the most sci fi is the fact
That a couple zeppelin crashes didn't cause the balloon industry to die
They can fly whole cities stealth in the sky
Where they try to rule with an all seeing eye
CIA and Google maps they're both tied together in a partnership
Lets be real Google is a CIA asset is anyone even surprised by that
I refuse to argue over if the earth is flat
Still looking for detectable curvature is where I'm personally at
Saying the earth is flat might sound insane
But saying its what they told us about the globe is at least the same
If you want to stop playing games e=mc squared is seriously being disproven
Because experiments show that we Live on a plane
Engineers and people that design planes
Are coming forth like hey what they are saying
About how we don't have to dip the nose when flying to aim
Or consider curvature when constructing things
Is absolutely true and when I saw the experiments myself it clicked in my brain
But why try to hide the shape of the plane
Sadly it's just part of an even bigger game
Hiding land is about the biggest industry that ever came
And we mine our little section in vain unbeknownst to most
Were not even the main veign
And underground trains can take you to planes with different names
And they all mine shiny things the same
Your cell phone screen is lain
With choice minerals of today contained
Mined by people whos tribes were slain and their pain
Satan owns the physical plain
But Im praying
Im saying
There's more continents where the prominent hatch plans to keep them dominant
Did I mean beyond anartica
Or in the arctic
Both is what was meant
Knowledge is a burden when ur cursed with it
And manufacturing dissent
Is the only decent
Thing to do I find peace in it
But they cant see it
When people disregard the Bible for theory's like Evolution
Its truly time to get a movin because that theory is losin
Evolution was never provin
And Darwin didn't even claim thats what he was doin
Future civilizations with laugh at me and you'n
Our society for teaching this to kids from the time they're two'n
Thinkin nones losin
Yet people have complete faith in this hypothesis
When you don't even have to look that hard to see what a fraud it is.
We are literally insane as a society for ever accepting this
All interspecies fossil finds are proven frauds and hoaxes
But this is how the propaganda machine shifted our species' moral compasses
If were accidents
And the law IS survival of the fittest
Its easy to get us to kill our babies and be promiscuous
This is exactly why we require a savior to save us
Because things you were taught as a child
To believe as fact are just spiritually hazardous
But the Bible's always right
Giants walked the earth and there might
Be a few small clans left underground
Throughout history gigantic human bones have been found
The Smithsonian exists to turn the story around
On us they clown
Manufacturing bones to go with their stories in chinatown
Boils down
To the Vatican and the crown
Putting the clamp down
On the nature of our true origins
Giving us nonsense to forage in
Jurassic Lies in sin
Cuz Dinosaurs are another case of the Smithsonian
Making bones again
Get this boo
They were thought of in 1842 and discovered the same year too
The royal society came up with them to push there narrative for fossil fuels
Things got crazy after they Supposedly found one tooth
There is provably no dinosaur bone ever discovered
Sorry dino lovers
Look into it everything in the museums a reproduction
Have you ever asked or never wondered
Noone in the public is allowed to inspect a real dinosaur bone, did I stutter
And how do oil wells refill themselves did more dinosaurs die over the summer
Your mind's been cluttered
With lies since you were a little bugger

Just take a look into it and see
They say these bones are teaming with radioactivity
So they need paint thats not lead free
To protect everybody
And no real dinosaur bone will you ever touch or see
Because they tried that in the 50's
And someone proved the bones they had came from creatures under the sea
It gets more crazy
Like how Franklin didn't discover electricity
Thats a story someone would only believe
if it we're taught to them when they were 3
Please tell me you are starting to see our ancestors had free energy
And mountain tops may have been ancient silica trees
That stretch as high as the eye can see
Ever ask
Why are there four islands at the center of maps made previous to the 17th century
Whats with those Air Ships in the 1850's
And What would be so wrong with just showing us the real size of things
Like Greenland is smaller by a magnitude of three
And have you seen that maps are different in every country
And Antartica
Is it a ring
Or what they showed us
An ice wall or what they sold us
Only place we cant go even if we own an airbus
Not with the arctic treaty
Something all nations can agree
On and trust
Other than that point tho
Fighting is a must
These lies suck so bad at this point its a bust
And old lies rust
They don't collect dust
Because they dont stay covered up they adjust
Opening up and spewing like puss
Revealing the unjust
And its us they disgrace
Hitler was obsessed with Anarctica
Ordered a base to be placed
Might be where he escaped
That was pretty obviously his fate
To Antartica or Argentina I'd say both or even Australia mate
As far as the holocaust I have some questions about this story of hate
If I ask them youll never hear the rest of my story so, I'll wait
On these old maps Tartaria is an empire that used to be great
But It appears there was a mud flood and an earthquake
Cuz As we comb the earth we see Impossible architecture, and its not fake
I think they built it with secrets regarding how things levitate when they vibrate
Explains how coral castle was built with tools you could get from harbor freight
Whats with these buildings all over the world burried to the second floor
With clearly burried doors
Did mud flow through shaking people to the core
I'm not actually sure
Interesting data precure
Other procurements I've done
Gaze at the sun while its rising or setting for fun and be one
With your feet grounded on the earth it relieves anxiety a ton
But its not what they'll tell ya about radiation
These puppet leaders boast
But Nukes are a hoax
These test videos are jokes
The camera is in the smoke
Some camera folks
Japan was fire bombed theres a few clouds not one
Today theres no radiation
Theres a guy that eats radioactive waste for fun
It doesn't cause cancer
And it doesn't kill anyone
Like HIV if you're an American
If you're an African
Gate's has determined sterilization of everyone is is a vocation
And he's currently working for your nation through vaccination
These people serve satan
The Georgia guidestone's were placed in
Accordance with their plan to depopulate nations
And errect smart cities that the slave's can be placed in
It's going to be scarce in the next generation
In the red is what the birth rates are in
Diesel generators, Crude natural gas, Landfills
Ever wonder where your power comes from its diesel
Generation converted crude natural gas at the power station
Landfills Are planted strategically across the nation
We pay for power created from our waste n'
Its extremely cost effective although they don't tell that to the person payin
How bout the jet engine on an air bus, only enough
Fuel required to get it to thrust
As you fly over the city of lust
And what is it you think is going on in hollywood
You think all the woman are victims but the men and children are all good
These people are in mansions in masks and hoods
Check James Woods home
And James Homes
Cuz Holmes wasnt alone thats how the second can of tear gas was thrown
Ya feel
Watch the boys in Brazil
Clones are real
Clones are ordered
At capitol hill
Get one of Your favorite pop star or actress for a cool 10 mill
Or for less than that get a night or two with the real deal
But the clones are great cuz they can be easily rented
And controllers use them MK Ultra is documented
But project monarch is more demented
Ask me about the Illuminati why when
Royal family is involved in so much conspiracy and controversy
Its hard to see
Ritual Satanic abuse, pedophillia and child pornography
Princess Di killed for exposing
She is a true saint
Pizza gate was not fake
It was about child rape
Shoulda been called pedo gate
But it was supressed by the deepstate
For the involved parties name sake
These are the same people eating dead bodies made cake
Like its always fake
And we constantly
See aliens on mainstream TV
UFO technology
Is most likely archeology
It was dug up, didn't come from the stars see
Or the sky
These are military assets, if you believe in Aliens your high
Sorry guys
Thats monarch programming at its finest put in front of your eyes
Greys are Biological androids pint size
They are under the ground whether land or sea never the sky
So you'll rarely see them like
Underground civilizations and bases
And this underground poetry
But even if I run the underground I'd have nothing on the underground kings
The US military
There's underground species
Genetic experimenting
Prep for world war 3
To be setup like a battle for the galaxy
But its a battle for hidden continents across the sea
If anything
An Electromagnetic field is what they call gravity
What you see is light energy
Swirling like a projector screen
Ancient Sumarians knew about matter and that everything
Has frequency because it's vibrating
Consciousness is not localized its In the ether like 5G
And you're an antenna like ET
Smart grids establishing smart citys
Where consciousness will not be free
The official story on technology is just one perspective now do you see.
If You think that journalists in Kentucky
Mistakingly think they are in Syria.
My soul will not disappear with ya.
I mean I'm here
But I'm not here with ya
Watchin these news clowns spiral to ya
This is where Truths at today because Youtube annihilated the road that was laid
Since 2006, 7, 8 No newcomers will ever find the strain
Best you can do at this point is find some people that question things the same
And get them to point you to some of the real people in the game
Because there only frauds noted whos videos and content get promoted
Shadow bans have been ruthlessly unloaded
The algorithm was recoded
Now recommended video lists are bloated
Obvious controlled opposition like Sargent were pre-loaded
This agenda has been quoted and requoted
The message is coated in satanism you just throated
And you subconsciously stay devoted
When woman kill their babies to be promoted
I now understand why God once flooded this world as the bodies floated
I hope he gloated
Because I hate evil and I will no longer sit and watch Truth be scapegoated
And I I wont make tracks that instill you to covet
A Christian in this world, But not of it
When you accept Jesus this stuff isn't scary none of it
It's fun to uncover the truth in this world
When you've been awoken you can rise above it

Writer(s): Robert McBride
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

The Truther Soliloquy Meanings

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