Robin Black Take Myself Away cover

Take Myself Away
by Robin Black

Take Myself Away Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
[la la la la]
We were sitting, thinking
It was me and you and our
Elusive friends and fiends
And sex machines
I thought the night would
Never, ever end too soon
I put my faith in you
Verse 2
(chorus 1:)
Take away
This side of you
Is so confusing
So I take myself away
Verse 3
[la la la la]
Home alone
And royally stoned
My mind returned
Our elusive friends
With thirsty drinking down
Our thoughts reveal
I wasn't comprehending true
I put myself in you
Verse 4
(chorus 1)
Verse 5
(chorus 2:)
Take away
When I'm with you
It's so amusing
So I take myself
Verse 6
[la la la la]
Comprehending true
I put myself in you
Verse 7
(chorus 1)
Verse 8
(chorus 2)
Verse 9
[la la la la]
Away, Away, Away

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