Newz Flash
Newz Flash

Newz Flash Lyrics Meanings
by Ruddy Valentino

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Call the coroner
Service has been disrupted
Now I'm here to restore the order of...
Start with the orders of a...
Clothing company
I'm small fry
Why u wanna try an come for me
This is just a case of big bro trying to bully me
In all set case
I wanna see dates
I'm on the road to the success
How much will it take
Thinking big ain't enough
You gon need faith
Seeking all ye love
My brothers embrace
If that's the case
Why is my brothers
Ain't show love back
It's Foul and its flagrant
Crabs in a bucket
Lost another homie dawg
2 tears fuck it
Lucky me made it out luckily
Hands on the steering wheel
Controlling my life
Losing all of these people
I'm losing him like
We gotta part ways
Sada Tae (that's for sure)

Dear Heavenly Father
I can't come to grips wit terms like this
So why bother

I'm 38 right
The flow like 38 special
You could die any day like...
I'm up before daylight
Trying to calculate my motherfucking day like
You know is my fault
I'm the boss
So wit casualties
I'm taking a loss yet
With all risk I take
I'm reaping rewards
Call all the shots
And do what I want
What's hard work
They pinned you down face the earth
Behavioral menace
To cover it all up
They gave you a Stimus
This is the start of the finish
If you ain't never had it before
You wouldn't know what to do with it
Niggaz is slufooted
I show u how to use it
Rumble thru Rubbage
From the dirt
Niggaz do good
Bow in this homage
Break bread
And get use it

It's like
What was he thinking on that day like?
Did he wake up wit wicked ways?
I'm just trying to be successful
Walk wit me

Can't compete wit glory
As if I'm suppose to build you up
And break you down
Revitalize ya story
Here lies in his presence
These hoods
But They don't understand this
When I get pulled over
It's by whole different standards
I am not the black man
Your reprimanding
Understand this
You'll get plastered
I paint a picture for the canvas
Touch the soul
People love you
They don't know you no more
They be Like
That's my guy
I didn't know he had hate
So strong
Spread love not war
When the pistols will bark
It's a fine line dividing homes who got heart
They say ya best man change
It's a Hazard of war
Who knew things would all change
When the cash is involved
Heavy is the head that wears the crown
When I say that
Heavy is the head that wears the crown
I don't play that

Writer(s): Rudolph Cooper
Copyright(s): Lyrics © APOE Entertainment, DistroKid, APOE ENTERTAINMENT
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Newz Flash Meanings

I don't really like to get into my personal business too much or to try an sound political the song is like it's breaking news but it comes from BadNewZ Va so hence the name Newz Flash

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