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In the Dark


In the Dark Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
God it's been a pretty long time
How did it all come to this
Remember you
Walking down these city streets
And the sweet taste of your kiss
Our hearts were broken and we needed to move on
Now my nights are drunken and I'm
Never sure what I've done
In the morning
In the sunshine
I'm in the dark
Verse 2
Well you're still so pretty baby
I saw your picture just the other day
Can't help but
Think about you often
Then forget you as fast as I can
Why did you choose him?
Oh yeah, that was all my fault
Sure I've got my freedom now
It's like being locked inside of a vault
By the door
With no key
In the dark
Verse 3
I don't want that much at all
I don't need someone to love
I just want a girl to touch
Verse 4
Darlin' since we called the party off
Part of me's been hollow and numb
Door in this city hides a pretty girl
But I've forgotten how to love 'em
You broke me baby
Filled me up and spilled me out
I wish I never knew ya
Maybe I could be living now
Instead of wandering and drinking
In the dark
Verse 5
God I spent a pretty long time in the dark
God I spent a pretty long time in the dark

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