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No Resurrection


No Resurrection Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Don't look at those letters on the paper baby
Don't read my name
Don't let it hit your heart
Because it hurt me enough for the both of us
Don't let yourself feel the pain
Verse 2
We both know when I let go
And I'm talking about the first time
The grim reaper passed like a snake in the grass between us
And even though it's been so slow
Now everything is about to unwind
I never thought it would feel so much like dying
Verse 3
Don't think about it just sign and walk away
Don't dwell on the shame
Don't let it fan the flame in your heart
Because it's time to let everything die
It's okay don't be afraid
Verse 4
We both know once you let go
Even though the past was sublime
The death rattle will sound in the direction it will lead us
And in the afterglow of all we've been through
There will never be another time
I can't believe how much this feels like dying
Verse 5
I spent my days with you
Drinking 'til I killed us
I never meant to hurt you when we died
Verse 6
There are miles of road we will never know
And I can't say that it'll be fine
Because there's no way to fix what's broken between us
And if you want to know how the love could go
Honey I think the fault was all mine
But there's no resurrection so keep crying
There's no resurrection we stopped trying
There's no resurrection it's why I'm dying

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