RZA, Bobby Digital Band Booby Trap cover

Booby Trap
by RZA & Bobby Digital Band

Booby Trap Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Haha, dead to you
Verse 2
Yo, yo, yo,
When I was young I slept with a battery on my tongue
So when I spit the impact will have a sting of a stun gun
At full blast, rock your cradle, fatal razor blades graze you
That split you open, stitch you back with a staple
A football head, I put your head, in a brook or four
Your momma wouldn't look at yall,
Go from the Panama canal, Alabama gal
Got me laid up, with my nuts like kapow!
B.O.B boys fast as Bruce Leroy,
Beat the rap galactics, blow panics off his axis
My glock is plastic, my dick is like magic
Stretch off then pow, your like Mr. Fantastic
Verse 0
Stop its a booby trap
Would you rather have a digi or a Scooby Snack
Digi snack yeah, while we living in a booby trap
Verse 3
When it comes to this mic like the mice you get ate
Like the ginger bread man trying to cross the lake
Or the winchester pour my whites on Mr. Poindexter
Tell him bring back the black mac strapped with two extra
Clips whizzing at you, words inside the apple
Pot holes in the street, it pops the d-axle
Shrivel your heart to a raisin shorty start gaizin'
Yeah he got stupid and dunce, once he start blazin' blunts
Beef he get drowned in hunts, your flame get toast
Your best bet to punt,
I lounge like a hungry jog-walk into agua
Trying to catch a fish that multiply like them agua
Pocket fed you Jabba the hut, clean gallops up
Through the force of my steel, but you cant count the caliber
Digi, digi, digi, all inside your city
Microphone on the roam, like Capone and Frank Nitti
Verse 4
[Chorus: x2]
Verse 5
I don't have a taste for blood or fresh skin
My mind, like Professor X from the X-men
One line cause MC's to wipe their albums down
Devils only come amongst you if you allow them now
Due to trade they infiltrate with persuasion
Their desire to rob and steal and make slaves of all
Living luxury, destructibly, conductibly, a prop of nature
Privately and publicly, man so stupid
When confronted with something he don't understand he shoot it
The whole worlds polluted,
My urge gave birth to a universal change that
Just slides reflect the child born in the Bethlehem manger
Devil trying to steal me of my intellect,
Rob me of my culture, like they white washing sculptures
Like they snatching down my posters,
But its been caught through the eyes of Minolta
Verse 6
[Chorus: x2]

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