A Favor

A Favor Lyrics Meanings
by Sablo

A Favor Lyrics

Can you pray for me?
Do you have a prayer to spare?
Tell me can you pray for me?
Do you have a prayer? (Oh a prayer)

Can you pray me?
Spend some time
Save a space for me
Kno its alot to ask
And I don't mean that
As an obligation
More of a favor
Man, can you pray for me?
Aint gotta be to god
Good vibes to sky
Just to help to me get by
Cuz lately i been feelin low
Reality killed my soul

Swear to God
Im just tryna spread love and take action
Make something happen
For my people
POCs make us equal
In the mindset
And the class span
Doin what I can
But man
I been dealin wit these issues
Yeah they changin me
Wanna change the world
But its changing me
Cant seem to breathe
Look around and i see
Man they all like me

Man i gotta pray for the world dawg
Man i gotta pray for my sins dawg
Realize he can't save em all
Told me it's ok too fall, t

Can you pray for me?
Do have you a prayer to spare?
Tell me can you pray for me?
Do you have a prayer? (Oh a prayer)

I got a homie
Been a min
Know she all alone
I tried to hit her phone
Hoping tht shed be home
Know shed appreciate the call
Yeah she love to talk
She pick up
Keep my voice soft
Sometimes she got man in the house
Dont wanna turn him off
But she tell me bout her problems
How its cold at night
Seattle winters a bitch
Said I'll get her right
Wait til she ready
Then i pull through
Take her out to eat
Good meal just to pick her up
New fit, swag feet
Just to pick her up
Said she like feelin pretty when she goes out on thursdays
Cuz thursday her friday
60 hrs + a week
On these books
And on her feet
She deserve a night
Feel herself
Get her mind right
But still its rough in these streets
In the studio my phone ring
I pick up for her
Said Marquis

Can you pray for me
Do have a prayer to spare?
Baby can you pray for me
Do you have a prayer?

Wanna talk about the homie Kevin
Might ruin the story
I hope he safe in heaven
Cuz Kevin at a time had it all
On his way to playin D1 ball
Lookin like he'd neva fall
Til his knee gave out
You coulda guessed
No college would touch him b
But they wished they best
Saw he was broken
But Kevin was no bitch dawg
Always dreamed of college
Gettin moms a cottage
On Balboa island
So he started haulin weight
Yeah he started grinding
Mama made to much to get help with tuition
Had three other children
Daddy didnt bite the bullet
Single life was killing
So Kevin took it in own hands
Hit me up on the FaceTime
Blunt in his mouth
Bumpin 1999
Lookin like he in his prime
Big smile said Marquis
Fuck the streets
I got accepted to Kent
Boutta get this degree
Just gotta stash some cash in my pockets
Couple packs dawg, after that I'm off it
Say a prayer lil homie
Then he laughed about it
I shoulda told em stop it
You good wit out it
Instead i played it off
Never thought about it
Didnt speak again
A victim of the violence

Can you pray for me?
I feel I need a prayer

Writer(s): Marquis Sablo
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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