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by Sada Baby

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(Cam, you wrong for that one)

(DJ Shab, fool)

Ooh, first off, thank God that I'm a Baptist, huh
I'll baptize a bitch, I ain't cappin', huh
Wash her down in the blood of my tragedies, huh
Set her free, I can't hold no ho captive
Drive the boat, Skuba Moses, I'm the captain
Huh, Wockhardt in the morning, no mimosas, I'm trappin', huh
I can deal with all the consequences of my actions
You a bitch, boy, it ain't coincidence, get it brackin', huh
Let me take they ass to church
Even though I ain't been in a minute, granny hurt
She know what I came from, I was strugglin' in that dirt
If it wasn't for my God, I would've died, I can't perp'
Everything happen for a reason, know that shit for certain
Only questioned God once, like, "Why you show a nigga them Percs?"
Huh, naw, I ain't complainin', know them things help me work, huh
I get high as the heavens, I'm exclusive with this syrup, huh
Boy, I know I'm blessed I never ended up on no shirt
Never ended up in no casket, never ended up in no grave
I was poor and now I'm up, I want the money, not the fame
I can't choose how it bome, but that clout chasing not my thing
I can't do shit that's lame, I won't do shit I don't understand, huh
Like I can't fuck that ho because she know my brother man, huh
I ain't them other niggas actin' like that other man, huh
Grind all winter just to fuck up summer bands, huh, ayy
Hmm, before they hold you down, they'll change on you
Suggest you keep a blade on you for you to cut the snakes off you
Hmm, the devil keep playin' with me
I ain't fightin' none of these demons, I'ma kill one happily, huh
Boy, I got burner on me, I got burdens on me, ayy
I'll murder homie, BM flirtin' on me, ayy
YG on my face, this clip a thirty on me, huh
I don't trust nobody, trust could've got me killed, huh
Like I'm scared to love somebody, all this shit ain't real, huh
But I ain't scared to touch no opps, send me on a drill, huh
Heavy press to the top 'til I get some mils, huh
Heavy press to the top 'til we get some mils, huh
Take they ass to Sunday school, play the organ on 'em, huh
Thought he was tough, he just a fool, now he an organ donor, huh
Lookin' at your boo, oh, that's your boo? You know I'm on her
Say my grace, eat it like food, I'm more than horny
Hmm, bust any nigga that ain't bool, no more warnings
The block is hot, hmm, hmm, global warming
See-through clip in my handgun, showboat .40
Drum gon' throw 'bout forty, I sell dope, don't snort it, mm
My Lord'll never let me be a cokehead
Don't confuse me with your man, don't confuse me with your bed
Hmm, bitch, I'm a big dog, I could never be a blowhead
I pop pills, I sip lean on my way to get more bread
Huh, we don't do them lifetime drugs, all nigga shit
I'ma be a lifetime plug when I get nigga rich
Know I treat the drank like chameleon how I sip this shit
My old hoes lame, I rebuked 'em, too ignorant, duh

I thought it was over, blessings came in, uh
Let the church say amen, uh
I thought it was over, blessings bame in, uh
Let the church say amen, duh
I thought it was over, blessings came in, uh
Let the church say amen, amen
It was over, came in, uh
Let the church say amen, amen
I thought it was over, blessings came in, uh
Let the church say amen, amen
I thought it was over, blessings came in, ooh
Let the church say amen, amen

Writer(s): Casada Aaron Sorrell
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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