Mutiny Lyrics Meanings
by Sage Francis

Nov 30, 2001
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Mutiny Lyrics

Friends....How man does Sage have now?
Let me count 'em down with one hand

Thought we'd at least keep peace we've been growing change together
Instead I'm Strange forever
Who's Sage he ain't too clever
Perverted introvert who gets hurt in rainy weather
Rearrange his brain and make the pain get better
The dungeons of his dome gots whips, chains, and leather
Cold souls get blacker, blood stains get redder
Shame on whoever
Foils is the ranged endeavor ??? didn't agree with the outcome but
complaining never
Its all about me concentrating on the meta-physical and spiritual
Whats her name, forget her, but uh
Didn't take too much for me to remember don't ever expect to be apart of
my daily agenda
I wont expect a letter come the month of November
If it happens then it happens, and uh, I let you enter at your own risk
Back into my life from the mutiny - stupidly - you gave up on you and me

Me and you might reunite
But it wont be tonight
Cause I don't really need you right
Keep your weak crew tight
Cause as we lose light I still have the ability to see true sight
Me and you might reunite
But it wont be tonight
Cause I don't really need you right
Keep your weak crew tight
Cause as we lose light I still have the ability...

Some say it ain't cool what I say
Cool, is what I say to helps me keep my cool
Anyway I be a fool
Till the day that I die say friends of mine
Others say I have the most genius mind until the end of time
Both sides are correct on being incorrect
They'll agree to disagree upon my intellect
When you intersect parallel lifelines
You create angles which mangles up the nice time
I'm quite calm when you consider the mean
Meaning the average, because my savage personality is unseen
One's dream is everyone else's nightmare
I'm sick of cheating souls who wanna battle, don't fight fair
I'm like where, right here
Right when, right now
Right why, cause I'm not the type to lie
Now let me wipe my eye, cause I don't like to cry in public
Try to object but you can't defy the subject
Wipe off your girl's lipstick, then I hit quick
Cause mental ??? bitch
This kid's slick
That ain't nothing but is it
Making life or death decisions in an instant when I think quick
Think fast when I cock back my pen and let the ink blast
Filled with ever floats your boat ???
You'll be back again
Acting like my friend
Until then, talk shit

See I'm trying to live a dream
While my dreams are reality based
Your mentality
Strictly on a salary chase
You just a charity case
Begging for some sort of flattery, assault and battery
You think you madder than me
You think you madder than me
Lets here you say stuff
Stay tough, you trying to be sand paper but you ain't rough
Get your paint buff cause now I'm editing your lettering
You better bring a muzzle cause you never should have said a thing
Unsettling, emotional, roller coaster you wish now we were closer
That ain't bout to happen
Back in the day we used to hang out
You shout my name out but now we ain't down
So don't claim clout
You on a lame route shouting "MUTINY"
You, yourself, and you, me, myself, and I
You and me. me and you might reunite
But it wont be tonight
Cause I don't really need you cracka', yo I don't need you
I don't really need you cracka'
I don't need you, I don't really need you


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